How to SAVE money at Sephora

How to save money at Sephora


Want to Learn How to SAVE money at Sephora? Here are my Top 5 Tips on how to do Just that!


If you’re here looking for how to save money purchasing expensive makeup well this is the post for you! I am going to talk about how you can save up to 50% off!


Let’s Start Saving!


Tip 1   Sign up for the Sephora Beauty Insider program 

Register at your local store and sign up, for the Beauty Insider program , I also believe sign up is available online too  and it’s FREE to join! ( who doesn’t love FREE ?! ) Here are some details about the program.

It’s All About The Tiers

The Beauty Insider program is divided up into 3 tiers  :

Beauty Insider  This has no  yearly requirement ( $0-300/yr) you can get Exclusive Makeup classes , free birthday gifts along with cool perks , the only thing is that Free Shipping Isn’t available for this tier.

 VIB -This is where you have to spend money  ( $350 / yr) to make it to this tier but This tier gets the same as the beauty insider ( but better) in addition you’ll get the free Custom makeovers along with handpicked gifts with seasonal savings $$ ( which I’ll talk about in a moment ) 🙂

VIB ROUGE  –This does  have a requirement to spend ($1,000/yr) You also will get access to everything in the previous tiers , free 2 day shipping ,Private hotline for members and invitations to exclusive events of course ! 

Now that I have went over the tiers here are the rest of the tips to save you money at Sephora!


Tip 2  If you’re member for quite some time (2-3 Months) you may receive a small discount. Check your email

( mostly 10% off one product) This type of discount does expire ,take advantage of this offer quickly!


Tip 3  Check for markdowns at other stores . Usually if that is the case go to your local Sephora and ask to price match ( usually this works in some cases.)



Tip 4  Once you go to the store check out the sale section , some will have dramatic discounts . Sephora Started this  “weekly wow” category .Thursdays online and in-store Sephora cuts the prices down on Specific beauty Brands (50-60% OFF!).

Tip 5    Wait Until the holiday season , no .. seriously  wait this is where the BEST deals are ! Here is the break down of what discounts you will get each holiday season and how you can Save Money at Sephora !

The deal that is currently going on is the 2017 Beauty Reward Here is the information for that one

All of the tiers are eligible to participate in the amazing deal off a purchase of $50 OR MORE 


November 30th-December 13th  $25 OFF


December 1st -13th -$20 OFF 


December 1st-12th – $15OFF 

  I hope you enjoyed reading shop my favorites below or shop my Beauty gift guide 



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