Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Rose Gold Palette – Full In Depth Review



This Post Is a Full in depth review on the Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Rose Gold Palette ! Here we GO !

I’m going to start with reviewing the brand itself.

My thoughts on the Huda beauty brand
Huda beauty came about from basically an influential famous” beauty guru” mostly like and how every one else starts how ever her brand is pretty cool if you ask me , she launched a line of lip liners ( lip contour) and then when her liquid matte lipsticks launched they were a hit but in all I really do think that yes, she launched a lot of shades but she also wasn’t paying attention to they type of shades she was putting on the market or making her formula a lot better than it is now but hey at $20 a lipstick you still get a good quality product !

The product (an eyeshadow palette)
In the production of creating an eyeshadow palette I feel that Huda was pretty much in a rush to put this out for us because we all wanted more I feel that it was very thoughtfully planned out but it was super fast ,meanwhile switching the price from $54-57 to $65 USD it was a shock to me and all of us But I think that we all understood why as she explained in her snapchat that she was getting her palette made in Italy and it was talc free as well as it was pretty expensive to make to give us the best quality palette we can get ! The formulas are pretty simple though you MUST know how to use it with that being said the matte shades are fully pigmented it applies so well on the lid with a brush, I have heard people say it is chalky looking but it honestly is not again, you have to know how to blend and use this palette if you want it! The matte shades hold and stay on so much better that generic brand names that we pay top dollar for that this palette is a no brainer for someone who loves matte shades. The rose gold shadows are another story .. I have heard the good and bad HOWEVER again you need to know what kind of look your going for , the pigmentation on these are impeccable ! The downside is that you need to use your finger to apply them but in all it’s something that you need to keep in mind ! This palette is pricey but you really do get what you pay for ❤️️



Now it’s your choice to buy or not to buy haha! I hope you enjoyed this post !

Xoxo, Kiki

Ps sorry if there are any typos! I typed this on my phone and will edit this later I really wanted to get my opinion out there for people who are thinking of purchasing the palette.

This Review Was My Own Opinions This product was tested for up to a month of use & Purchased with my own money this is in no way a sponsored post unless otherwise stated

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